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DESTINATIONS Natural Formations — 15 April 2010
Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is a 14-meter high waterfall nestled at the foot of Tanay Mountain in Brgy. Sampaloc in Tanay, Rizal.  The falls has a wide cascade, with water flowing into a catch basin where people can swim.  The water from the falls pour through the rivers and ponds that surround the government-owned public park and resort.

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  • Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
  • Coordinates:  14°32’29″N   121°18’31″E (from

How to get there:

  • From Following the Manila East Road, a fork ensues: take the left turn – it is a fast lane to Laguna. From Antipolo, Tanay is a one-hour drive. The turning point is 3 kilometers from the start of Brgy. Plaza Aldea (a sign marks the spot). From there is another 0.5 km of driving; parts of the road are not cemented.
  • By public transportation (from  You can ride a jeep or FX to Tanay in Araneta center (Cubao) or in front of StarMall (Edsa cor shaw blvd). Get off at Tanay market and take a tricycle (or jeep if you are a large group). You will normally get the tricycle for P150/trip (max 3 passengers). You can bargain for the return trip as there are no tricycle waiting near the falls. You will have to take a hike to the main road to get a ride back to the market.

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(10) Readers Comments

  1. I just want to update the fees since I just visited daranak & batlag last saturday..may 8, 2011

    Daranak Falls is open from 8am-5pm..7 days a overnights
    Picnic Table/Shed -100

    while Batlag falls is offering overnights
    for overnight

    Picnic Shed-350

    Also,, hope the batlag admin will renovate their comfort rooms..daranak CR are better than the batlag since we are paying more …
    Just be careful with the slippery stones!

  2. @Abegail: Thank you very much for these info.

  3. Ano po yung contact number niyo?

  4. Hi Abegail! We’re planning to have our prenup pictorial at Daranak Falls. Entrance fee is 20 for adult. Right?! Would you know if we need to pay extra charge if we’re going to have our photoshoot there? And pls send also their contact numbers. Thanks!

  5. wow bigtime. trike is 150?? tarush. pano pag may dalang jip? talagang sasakay pdin ng trike? ahaha. hindi namen keribels wichi na lang ditey ;o

  6. helo po ask po sana aku kung open prin kayu ng december 23 thanks

  7. or khit holiday po open prin po ba

  8. plz send us your contact number we are planning to go there this weekend thanks a lot

  9. pls. email me your contact number so I can inquire. thanks!

  10. Can i have your contact numbers please? were planning a company outing this May 5. Thanks

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It's more fun in the philippines