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Regional Translations:

  • Bicolano: Maray na banggi
  • Cebuano/Bisaya: Maayong gabi-i
  • Chabacano: Buenos noches
  • Ibanag: Mapia nga gabbi nikau
  • Ilocano: Naimbag nga rabi-i / Good night
  • Ilonggo: Maayong gab-i
  • Ivatan: Kapian ka pa nu Dios (English translation: “God bless you”)
  • Kapampangan: Mayap a bengi
  • Pangasinense: Good night
  • Tagalog: Magandang gabi
  • Waray: Maupay nga gab-i

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  1. To all our fellow Pinoys (wherever in the world you are):

    If you do not find your vernacular in the list, please share with us how you would normally say “Goodnight” in your own native tongue and we’ll add it in this list. Please use the comment box below for this purpose.

    Don’t forget to identify what your vernacular / native tongue is.

    Goodnight. :)

  2. i mean “maupay nga gab-i”

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It's more fun in the philippines