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SONG OF THE TRAVELLER ~ A Poem by Dr. Jose Rizal

(Translated into English by Encarnation Alzona from Jose Rizal’s original Spanish, El Canto del Viajero.)

Jose Rizal, the travel-bug, with Filipino Compatriots in Europe

Jose Rizal, the travel-bug, with fellow Philippine Compatriots in Europe | Photo Credit:

  • A dry leaf that hesitant flies
  • And snatched by hurricanes away,
  • Thus lives on earth the traveler
  • Without aim, without soul, without love nor country.
  • Happiness, everywhere he anxiously seeks
  • And from him that happiness flies away:
  • Empty shadow that mocks his eagerness! . . .
  • For it rushes the traveler to the sea!
  • Impelled by an invisible hand
  • Away he’ll room from shore to shore
  • The mem’ries will keep him company
  • of love ones, of a happy day of yore.
  • Perhaps in the desert a grave he’ll find
  • Of tranquility a refuge sweet:
  • Unremembered by his country and the world. . .
  • He’ll rest in peace after a suffering great!
  • And they envy the hapless traveler
  • When across the earthly sphere he darts!
  • Alas!  They know not that in his soul
  • There exists a space where love departs!
  • To his country the pilgrim will return
  • And perhaps he will return to his home
  • And he’ll find everywhere all snow and  ruins
  • Lost love, sepulchers, everything  gone.
  • Go. Traveler, proceed on your way
  • In your own native land a stranger thou art;
  • Leave thou to others the songs of love ,
  • To others the joys; you again depart.
  • Go, traveler, don’t  turn back your face,
  • For no one shall weep as you say adieu;
  • Go, traveler and drown your sorrows all,
  • For your grief the world simply mocks at you.


Contributed to via e-mail by Ms. Ailene M. Suarez.


  • INTEGRATION:  Philippine Literature with Communication and Culture, pp. 167-168
  • The National Communication Arts Series (Textbook)
  • Author:  Asuncion David Maramba
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