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"The Song of Maria Clara" by Dr. Jose Rizal
Maria Clara

Maria Clara is one of Rizal's immortalized characters in his Noli Me Tangere novel. It is widely believed that the character was based on Rizal's real life cousin, Leonor Rivera. | Photo Credit:

  • Sweet are the hours in one’s native land,
  • Where all is dear the sunbeams bless;
  • Life-giving breezes sweep the strand,
  • And death is soften’ d by love’s caress.
  • Warm kisses play on her mother’s lips,
  • On her fond, tender breast awakening;
  • When round her   neck the soft arm slips
  • And bright eyes smile, all love partaking.
  • Sweet is death for one’s  native land,
  • Where all is dear the sun beams bless;
  • Dead is the breeze that  sweeps the strand,
  • Without a mother, home, or love’s caress.

Translated to English from original Spanish by Charles E. Derbyshire.


  • Philippine Literature, From ancient times to the present
  • Authors:  Teofilo del Castillo y Tuazon; Buenaventura S. Medina, Jr.
  • Publisher:  Del Castillo and Sons, Quezon City

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  1. could you please explain to me he meaning of the poem the song of maria clara? thanks!

  2. i need interpretation of it please ….

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