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"To The Filipino Youth" by Dr. Jose Rizal

(A poem written by Dr. Jose Rizal.  Translated from original Spanish by Alfredo S. Veloso)

Raise your unruffled brow

On this day, Filipino youth!

Resplendent shines

Your courage rich,

Handsome hope of my motherland!

Fly, grand genius

And infuse them with noble sentiment

That vigorously rushes,

More rapid than the wind,

Its virgin mind to the glorious goal.

Descend to the arena

With the pleasant light of arts and sciences,

And unbind, Youth,

The heavy chain

That fetters your poetic genius.

See that in the bright zone

With pious and learned hand,

Offers the son of this native land

Resplendent crown.

You who ascend

On wings of your rich fantasy,

Seeking from Olympus in the clouds

Tenderest poetry,

Sweeter than nectar and ambrosia;

You of the celestial accent,

Melodious rival of the nightingale,

Who with varied melodies

Dissipate the mortal’s bitter pain

In the night serene;

You who animate the hand rock

With the impulse of your mind,

And with prepotent  hand makes eternal

The pure memory

Of the refulgent genius;

And you, who with magic brushes

Are wont to transfer to simple canvas

The varied enchantment of Phoebus, beloved of

Apollo divine,

And the mantle of nature.

Run! For the sacred flame

Of the genius awaits to be crowned with laurels,

Spreading fame

With trumpet proclaiming

O’er the wide sphere the mortal’s name.

Day, oh happy day,

Philippines genteel, for your soil!

Bless the Almighty,

Who with loving desire

Sends you fortune and consolation.



  • Philippine Literature, From Ancient Times To The Present
  • Authors:  Teofilo del Castillo y Tuazon & Buenaventura S. Medina, Jr.
  • Publisher:  Del Castillo and Sons, Quezon City (O.W.O. 182-68)
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  1. Jose Rizal is really very very talented.

  2. my hero…

  3. Not sure what else to put here, Great post though.

  4. Rizal is truly incredible because if having a so called brilliant mind. Rizal’s literary writings show us different lessons and teachings that we must treasure, like his poem, “To The Filipino Youth.” In his poem, he inspires every youth to become more educated and be empowered, and he emphasizes the need of youth in nation’s building.

    Charles Wendell

  5. `i wish i am smart like him

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It's more fun in the philippines