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HISTORY Noteworthy Pinoys in Politics — 06 February 2011
Pres. Sergio Osmeña, Sr. (1878 – 1961)

Fourth President of the Philippine Republic.  Second President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.  Founder of the Nacionalista Party. Patriarch of the prominent Osmeña family.


Name: Sergio Suico Osmeña, Sr.


  • Date: 9 September 1878
  • Place: Cebu City


  • Date: 1961
  • Age: 83
  • Place: Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, Quezon City
  • Cause: Natural Causes related to old age


  • Father: Owing to the circumstances of his birth, the identity of his father had been a closely guarded family secret.
  • Mother: Juana Osmeña y Juico
  • Spouse/s:
    • 1st:  Estefania Chiong Veloso
    • 2nd:  Esperenza Limjap
  • Children:
    • From 1st Spouse:  5
    • From 2nd Spouse: 3


  • San Carlos Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts – Colegio de San Juan de Letran (1894)
  • Bachelor of Laws – University of Santo Tomas (1903)

Timeline and Highlights:

  • Classmate and best friend of Manuel Quezon in Letran and UST
  • Launched and Edited the newspaper El Nuevo Dia together with Jaime de Veyra and Rafael Palma in 1900
  • Allowed by the Supreme Court to take the Bar Examination even though he only completed 3 years in Law School
    • Placed 2nd among the Bar Topnotchers
  • Appointed temporary governor of Cebu in 1903
    • appointed by the American Governor-General as reliever of Juan Climaco
  • Provincial Fiscal of Cebu
  • Governor of Cebu in 1904
  • Representative of hte 2nd District of Cebu in the First Philippine Assembly in 1907
    • Organized and became the first president of the Nacionalista Party
    • Speaker of the House – a post he held fo 15 years
  • Elected Senator in 1922
    • Led the mission to the US together with Manuel Roxas as a preparation for Philippine Independence
    • Instrumental in getting the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Law passed by the US Congress.  It is the Law that provides for Philippine Independence within 10 years
  • Elected Vice President of the Philippine Commonwealth 0n November 15, 1935
  • Elected as Vice President for a 2nd term in 1941
    • Went to the US with Pres. Quezon to establish the Commonwealth government on Exile during the Japanese occupation.
    • Stood as officer in charge in several occasions when Pres. Quezon health started to fail.
  • Assumed the presidency of the Commonwealth of the Philippines when Pres. Quezon died in 1944 while on exile in the US
    • Returned to the Philippines with Gen. douglas MacArthur on October 20, 1944; Helped in the liberation effort from the Japanese occupation
    • Led in rebuilding the country from the ravages of World War II
    • Retired from public office in Cebu after the 3rd Philippine Republic has been established.

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    It's more fun in the philippines