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Lubid-lubid Festival and Cow Parade (Tiaong, Quezon)

When: Late June or early July

Where: Tiaong, Quezon:

What it is:

  • An annual  festivity celebrated as a tribute to the  cow and the abaca. Usually held in July of each year, the  prominent  theme in its street parades are creative cow features donned by participants using the hardy abaca leaves and its  derivative, the world-famous Manila hemp


  • The idea of the festival revolve around paying tribute to the cows.  But instead of showcasing the real cows in their annual parade, the local government decided to depict the cows in their dancing because according to the local folk lore, the name of Tiaong was derived from the mooing of a cow.


  • The main attraction of the festivity is a street dancing competition among elementary and high school students in their colorful costumes.

Tiaong students in their colorful streetdancing costumes | Photo credit:

The famous "Manila Hemp" | Photo Credit:

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It's more fun in the philippines