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Philippine Vernaculars PINOY SPEAK — 27 December 2011
Common Kapampangan Words and Phrases

Kumusta na ka? – “How are you?”

Masalese ku pu. – “I’m fine.”

Mayap ku pu. – “I’m good.”

Nanung lagyu mu? – “What is your name?”

Malagu ka talaga! – “You are really beautiful.”

Kasanting mo! – “You are so handsome!”

Wa – “Yes”

Ali – “No”

Ume ka keni – “Come here.”

Bisa kung maglolo keka. – “I want to court you.”

Tabalu keka –  literally “I don’t know with you.” (expression)

Eku balu. -  ”I don’t know.”

Mako na ku. – “I am going.”

Mangan ta na, mangan tamu. – “Let us eat now, let us eat.”

Kanyaman na ning lutu mo! – You’re cooking is good!

Sinulat ku. - ”I wrote.”

Silatanan na ku. - ”(He or She) wrote me.”

Dinatang ya. - ”(He or She) has arrived.”

Sabyan me kaku – “Tell it to me”

Ninu ing minaus keka? - ”Who called you?

Mamasa la. - ”They are reading.”

Mamangan la ring babi(e)?/Mamangan la ding babi(e)? - ”Are the pigs eating?”

Ing bale ku./Ing kakung bale. - ”My house.”


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  1. ano po ang kapampangan ng , Gustong gusto talaga ng anak ko pinapaood ang palabas na minions.” thanks po.. :))

  2. “Gustong gusto ng anak ko na panoorin and palabas na minions.” – Tagalog

    “Buring buri neng panalben ning anak ku itang palabas a minions.” – Kapampangan

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It's more fun in the philippines