Henning Jørgensen, now fifty years old, is famous for doing some of the greatest, most meticulous, traditional Japanese work in the Western world. He is obviously disciplined and hardworking. Back pieces and body suits done by Jørgensen are so vibrant that they practically leap off the skin.

They’re a long way from the tattoos that he grew up with. As a boy, Jørgensen and his family lived in one of Copenhagen’s more notorious red-light districts and Jørgensen learned the art of tattooing in the glare of scarlet illumination. “There would be a lot of people out, having a good time,” he remembers of those days. “There was a lot of alcohol involved; the customers usually had beer in them and so did the tattoo artists. People fought in the streets, junkies laid in the streets, and hookers worked in the streets.”

World-class tattooist Mike Malone inspired Jørgensen to find himself a career outside of the red-light district. U.S.-based Malone made frequent journeys to Copenhagen, set himself up in one of the shops, and spent his off-hours hanging out with the local tattooists. “Mike liked to talk, and we were a crowd with big ears,” remembers Jørgensen. “He turned me on to Japanese and showed me his back, which had been done by Don Ed Hardy. I had never seen tattoos like that before.”
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Little could Jørgensen, who now owns Royal Tattoo in Helsingør, Denmark, have known that he’d one day be world-renowned for doing precisely that level of work.

The way to Choose Fashion Clothes

If you desire to make your wardrobe to always be full to the brim with the latest fashions, you might find that you end up spending quite a huge amount of money on new clothing every month. However, if you know where to find new clothes you don’t necessarily have to break the bank every time you would like to do a spot of shopping, as you don’t always have to go down the designer route.

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They are many factors you need to consider when choosing the best fashion such as free shipping, location of store, appearance, and reviews from other customersWhen new styles come out in your favorite high street shops they will always have filtered down from the designer fashion houses of London, Paris, New York and Milan before reaching the

Many people choose to go direct to the source and to purchase designer goods, but if you haven’t got the bank balance to support this kind of buying you will probably find that you are scrimping and saving to purchase everyday essentials after going on a designer spending spree. If you want to make sure that you are able to buy great fashion clothes without the huge price tag attached, you should consider going for something a little less prestigious. Though your clothing might come with the nametag of a designer fashion house, there are still many different excellent clothing companies out there that you could buy from. You can buy all of the latest fashions without spending more money than you can afford to, and your bank balance is sure to thank you for this change in spending later in the month. You will still look amazing in the latest styles and can still fill your wardrobe out with excellent clothes; the only real difference will be that you won’t end up with such a stretched budget all the time.

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